Review: Persuasion by Jane Austen

PersuasionPersuasion is Jane Austen’s last completed novel and, in my opinion, her best. Yes, Pride and Prejudice is light, bright and sparkling- with a host of characters that delight the reader but there’s something about Persuasion that sticks with you long after you’ve finished the last page and put the book back on the shelf… Read more

Review: Playing By The Greek’s Rules by Sarah Morgan

untitledWhen I was deciding what to kick off Romance Fiction February off with, a really brilliant Mills & Boon was the only logical choice. That’s because whenever I’m in the mood for sheer, unadulterated romance fiction only a Mills & Boon will do! Besides, picking one to review was easy, Playing By The Greek’s Rules by Sarah Morgan is everything you could want to read in your moments of escape and more. Read more

The Female Scriblerian’s Romance Fiction February

Love- James JoyceHi everyone and happy February to you all! Since February is officially the month of Love I couldn’t resist running a series called ‘The Female Scriblerian’s Romance Fiction February’ or RFF for short! Basically, it’s an excuse for me to celebrate my favourite genre and will revolve around romance fiction in all of its many forms. Love makes the world go round and here at the Female Scriblerian I’m all about promoting it, especially when it’s within the pages of a book. Read more

The Best Man for the Job by Lucy King *Mills and Boon Monday*


I’ve just this moment finished “The Best Man for the Job” by Lucy King and I want to write my review immediately whilst everything is still fresh in my mind. Yes, you read that right, I finally FINNISHED a book!! And I have Lucy King and her fabulous book to thank for it! I always knew a really good Mills and Boon book would swoop in and save the day!

My love of the Modern Tempted range (Or Kiss as it’s known in the USA) has already been examined here at The Female Scriblerian, so I really don’t need to go into too much detail about it. I’ll just say that I really think this range is going from strength to strength and deserves all the good praise it can get! Each one I read seems to live up to the ‘modern’ portion of its name completely, and it’s so refreshing! Secondly, Lucy King has some serious skills, not only did she write a book that was tempting enough to make me finish it, she made me want to review it as well! It’s amazing really.

So without further ado, on with my first real review of 2014… Read more

You Had Me At Hello- Mhairi McFarlane (A Rainy Day Read)


Happy December everybody!

I’ve been featuring a couple of what could loosely be termed ‘heavy reads’ on The Female Scriblerian lately and as much as I love those books, you do have to be in the right mood to read them. Sometimes, however, I’m in the mood for something unashamedly romantic and heart-warming; especially now the nights are longer, and colder. I love nothing better than snuggling up with good romantic fiction at these times they fill a place in my life that Virginia Woolf, however much I love her, never will! Plus I realised I’ve been neglecting my Rainy Day Reads so I thought I’d suggest a sparkly new Rainy Day Read today. Read more

When Bad Books Attack! AKA Mr. Maybe- Jane Green

mr maybe

Have you ever made a rash decision that you came to regret almost immediately? You know the kind, you try telling yourself everything is fine for a while, you might even try to make things work. Inside though, you know, your friends and loved ones know, EVERYONE knows, that you made a bad choice…and now you regret it.

No I’m not having relationship issues; I’m suffering from a case of “The Bad Book Blues” and let me tell you these babies are the kind of blues even Etta James would decide were too sad to sing about! Ok fine, melodrama aside, doesn’t it feel really rubbish when you get stuck with a terrible book? Especially when you have nothing else but that books to provide your entertainment for an entire weekend (camping- blergh). “Mr. Maybe” made me feel like I was in a bad relationship from start to finish…and it was awful, because it wasn’t supposed to be like that! Read more