Chick Lit: Love it, or Hate it?

pink books

I like Chick Lit. I read Chick Lit. So why do I feel so uncomfortable about using the very name that seems to define this genre? Why does writing the words Chick and Lit together in a sentence make me feel like I’ve done something wrong? This month is apparently Chick Lit May and it got me thinking about my own relationship with the contentious moniker. Read more

When Bad Books Attack! AKA Mr. Maybe- Jane Green

mr maybe

Have you ever made a rash decision that you came to regret almost immediately? You know the kind, you try telling yourself everything is fine for a while, you might even try to make things work. Inside though, you know, your friends and loved ones know, EVERYONE knows, that you made a bad choice…and now you regret it.

No I’m not having relationship issues; I’m suffering from a case of “The Bad Book Blues” and let me tell you these babies are the kind of blues even Etta James would decide were too sad to sing about! Ok fine, melodrama aside, doesn’t it feel really rubbish when you get stuck with a terrible book? Especially when you have nothing else but that books to provide your entertainment for an entire weekend (camping- blergh). “Mr. Maybe” made me feel like I was in a bad relationship from start to finish…and it was awful, because it wasn’t supposed to be like that! Read more