The Lies We Tell Strangers

I was sat in the hairdresser’s chair looking at myself without my glasses. The hairdresser and I had finished discussing what I wanted to have done that day; ‘just a trim please’ and now we were at that stage where things get awkward. The small-talk stage. Read more

Pinterest Recipes That Actually Work

There’s nothing worse than finally trying Pinterest recipes only for them to go horribly wrong, but no fear…here are some that actually went right! Read more

Winter Lifesavers: What’s Saving My Life in February

Let’s face it, February is a tough month. It’s too long since Christmas and, depending where in the world you live, it’s far too long until warmer weather. Hello British Summer, I’m talking about you my long lost friend! It’s easy to feel down when bad weather hits, but one of my new year’s resolutions (remember those?!) is to try and look on the bright side more. Here are my winter lifesavers. Read more

5 Ways to Make Time for Reading

5 ways to make time for reading

It might seem strange coming from a book blogger but sometimes I find it hard to make time for reading. You know how it is, after a long day it’s easier to sit on the sofa and watch endless re-runs of CSI or I Found The Gown than it is to work up the inclination to read. Does this scenario sound familiar? Read more

Hello 2015…Hello Blogosphere!

Happy New Year


Happy New Year! January in the blogging world seems to be filled with mission statements and renewed resolutions, or so it seems. I think we all like to take the chance once a year to reassess what we want from the blogs we spend so much time working on.  We all have goals and January is the perfect time to take a moment to set new ones for the year ahead. So I’m taking this moment to make a change and begin the New Year with real vim and vigour! Read more

Reading Apathy: A Case of “Have Books, Won’t Read”


Today is the first of May. Which means that it’s almost 5 months since I last posted anything here at The Female Scriblerian. FIVE MONTHS! First of all, I can hardly believe that so much of 2014 has already sped by. Secondly, and most scary, I haven’t actually finished a whole book in all that time. I start reading them and then fade out, only to put them to one side and fail to pick them up again. I’m not sure what’s happening! Read more