What I Learned From 30 days of Yoga

What I Learned from 30 Days of Yoga

I have always been the type of person who intended to workout. But for one reason or another (mainly procrastination) I have never really found a workout routine that I could keep to. Determined to change this, I was excited when I stumbled across Yoga With Adriene’s 30 day challenge. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to try and develop a routine. So, armed with a shiny new yoga mat for the last month I have been following the videos on YouTube. Here’s what I learned from 30 days of yoga… Read more

How To Have a Holiday At Home

How to Have a Holiday at Home

Like many people, you may be skipping the foreign holiday this year. Sure, it’s fun to go on holiday but most of us don’t have unlimited holiday time from work. So surely the next best thing is to bring the holiday to you? Read more

Design Your Summer

We all dream of the perfect summer. Who doesn’t want to spend sunny days and balmy nights chilling on the beach with a nice cool drink? But day to day life doesn’t hit pause just because the sun shines (or not!). Summer is more than just a holiday. So, why not design your summer and pack it full of all the fun things you mean to get around to, but never quite do? Read more

The Lies We Tell Strangers

I was sat in the hairdresser’s chair looking at myself without my glasses. The hairdresser and I had finished discussing what I wanted to have done that day; ‘just a trim please’ and now we were at that stage where things get awkward. The small-talk stage. Read more

Pinterest Recipes That Actually Work

There’s nothing worse than finally trying Pinterest recipes only for them to go horribly wrong, but no fear…here are some that actually went right! Read more

Winter Lifesavers: What’s Saving My Life in February

Let’s face it, February is a tough month. It’s too long since Christmas and, depending where in the world you live, it’s far too long until warmer weather. Hello British Summer, I’m talking about you my long lost friend! It’s easy to feel down when bad weather hits, but one of my new year’s resolutions (remember those?!) is to try and look on the bright side more. Here are my winter lifesavers. Read more