Hello! I’m Kathy, the reader, thinker and scribbler behind The Female Scriblerian. I’m so glad you’re here.

When I started The Female Scriblerian I had a vision of creating an online space that could be filled with all kinds of book related loveI love literature and the way words play on a page and I wanted to share that love with the world.

The inspiration for The Female Scriblerian comes from The Female Spectator (an 18th Century Woman’s Magazine).Which is I why I enjoy talking about topics that are important to me, and I hope you. So, while you’re here you’ll find lots of posts about books, reading and all the stuff you do when you’re not reading!

When I’m not blogging you can mostly find me reading, thinking and day-dreaming. Oh, and occasionally going for a mountain hike! If I had a dream room it would probably look like this: Books - The Female Scriblerian


  • Paula Bardell-Hedley

    That would be my dream room too, Kathy! 😊