Pinterest Recipes That Actually Work

There’s nothing worse than finally trying Pinterest recipes only for them to go horribly wrong, but no fear…here are some that actually went right!

Ah Pinterest. You are to blame for countless wasted hours of my life! But I love you. I love scrolling though my pins and fondly reminiscing about all those great meals I made, fun crafts I tried…Wait. That’s not right.

Pinterest is the ultimate source of inspiration for me, especially when it comes to food ideas. But recently, when I was looking over my boards, it hit me, of all the recipes I have pinned to try I have only *actually* made a handful.

So, I decided it would be fun to actively try to work my way through some of the pins I have. I’ll finally give them a try, and then decide whether they are worth keeping in my new shiny ‘I actually made this’ board or whether they just need unpinning.

So, for the first ever edition of Pinterest Recipes I Actually Made, here are some great recipes, that yes…you guessed it…I actually made!

Pinterest Recipes that Actually Work: Vol. 1

*note* Please forgive the dark photography, Winter is unforgiving to my food photography attempts!

1. Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Grade A: Would Definitely Try Again

This recipe from Once Upon a Chef was an outright winner for me. I have never made southern fried chicken before, as it’s not a very standard meal in England. So I was slightly nervous jumping in at the deep end with this recipe. But, I got an urge to try Buttermilk fried chicken after eating it at a festival in the summer and so I turned to Pinterest for help!

chicken tenders

I thought the recipe was clear to follow and the ingredients we easy to source (I did add some Seasoned Salt though). I was so excited when I realised that I was really making fried chicken. Haha, it’s such a different cooking style to my own.

My chicken was not as crispy as Jenn’s but it was totally delicious all the same. I think that is due to the level of coating and the heat of the oil. On the whole though, this recipe was a success and I can’t wait to make it again.

2. Gourmet Mushrooms on Toast

Grade B: Would try again

I love garlic mushrooms on toast. It’s a snack that I make myself quite frequently. So, I was excited to stumble across this vegan recipe from The First Mess I loved the idea of bulking the recipe out with a few healthy extras and turning it into a main meal.


However, I found the list of ingredients a little hard to source. It’s not the kind of recipe that you can rustle up with just the standard ingredients you have in your cupboard. So, I suppose it’s a case of deciding whether you want this to fit into a ‘quick meals’ category which mushrooms on toast might suggest.

That being said, the finished outcome was divine. Ok, so it’s definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing image I’ve ever taking (it’s possible the worst lighting I could’ve found) but I really enjoyed the gourmet take on a warming, winter treat. For that reason I would definitely consider making it again, despite the slightly longer prep time.

3. Shrimp Scampi Linguine

Grade A: Would definitely try again

Three of my great loves when it comes to food are: garlic, pasta and prawns. So much so that Pinterest has recently started to suggest the keyword Garlic to me! I have been making my own version of this dish for quite a while, but I was interested to see if the extra ingredients that Rasa Malaysia suggests would make a difference.prawns

The recipe was clear and easy to follow, but I got a little muddled with time when my pasta took longer than I thought to cook (next time I’ll read the cooking instructions!). I was intrigued by the order that some ingredients went into the pan. Usually I would cook off the wine with the garlic, but adding it after the prawns made them stay nice and juicy.

My only trouble with this recipe was my own portion control. I cooked enough to feed a small army! That didn’t stop me eating a heaped bowlful though, or going back for extras. Next time I’ll definitely try not to cook so much pasta 😉

All in all, these three recipes were a huge success. Which is lucky because I was worried about joining the ranks of Pinterest fails! I can’t wait to try some more recipes from my pinterest board so watch out for the next edition of ‘Pinterest Recipes That Actually Work’!

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