Winter Lifesavers: What’s Saving My Life in February

Let’s face it, February is a tough month. It’s too long since Christmas and, depending where in the world you live, it’s far too long until warmer weather. Hello British Summer, I’m talking about you my long lost friend! It’s easy to feel down when bad weather hits, but one of my new year’s resolutions (remember those?!) is to try and look on the bright side more. Here are my winter lifesavers.

People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.

– Anton Chekov

I’m not someone who really hates the winter. I don’t find my mood taking a dive on dark mornings, but there’s something about February that takes its toll on all of us. Although, there’s some fun things to look forward to this month, like Pancake Tuesday, so that’s a bonus

It’s all too easy to find negatives to dwell on. So, when I saw that Anne at Modern Mrs Darcy was sharing the things that were saving her life, I knew I had to join in.


1. A Hot Cup of Tea

DSC_1141The ultimate in winter lifesavers! Recently I’ve come to rely on my evening cup of tea, alongside a sneaky chocolate. This is no understatement. There’s something comforting about getting home from work, pulling on my comfy house clothes (we all have them!) and brewing up a beautiful cup of tea. It helps when you have a cute cup to drink it out of too!

2. My Dog, Skye

SKYESeriously. I love my little Scottie. Even when she’s in a huff with me because I won’t give her treats she still brightens my day. Actually, I love this article about therapy dogs. It’s so true that dogs help boost your mood. Who else is so thrilled to see you at the end of the day?! Another of the winter lifesavers of having a dog is that it’s like a permanent hot water bottle for your feetsies!

3. Comfort Food

DSC_0960.JPGAny pretence of eating healthy goes out of the window on a cold day. I love a good excuse to cook some good, stick to your ribs, comfort food. There’s nothing better when there’s storm force winds blowing outside. My favourite has to be Shepherd’s Pie. It’s the perfect combination of comforting and tasty.

4. Good Books

BOOK SHELFKind of like a hot cup of tea, having a good book on to read is a lifesaver. On cold, dark and wintery days nothing beats curling up under a blanket with a good book. When I’m reading I forget the weather outside. The perfect escape! I just finished this one and I can’t wait to start this one.

5. Natural Phenomena

nacreous cloud.png
Nacreous Clouds: Source Hartlepool Mail

Sometimes, even winter weather can be beautiful. No, I’m not talking about snow! I’m talking about Nacreous Clouds. This beautiful, and rare, natural phenomenon lit up the sky the other morning, just stunning. Waking up to this sight almost makes having icy, storm force winds worth it! Thanks Storm Gertrude. This is one of my most unexpected winter lifesavers, but definitely the most beautiful!



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