Hello 2015…Hello Blogosphere!

Happy New Year


Happy New Year! January in the blogging world seems to be filled with mission statements and renewed resolutions, or so it seems. I think we all like to take the chance once a year to reassess what we want from the blogs we spend so much time working on.  We all have goals and January is the perfect time to take a moment to set new ones for the year ahead. So I’m taking this moment to make a change and begin the New Year with real vim and vigour!

As you may see, if you care to take a glance at the most recent posts on The Female Scriblerian, 2014 slipped its way into a rather blog post free state of affairs after May. The simple reason? I got burned out. Not just with blogging but with reading. I felt like I was on one of those mid 90s games shows where you have to name the items that speed by on a conveyor belt in front of you, by the fifth or sixth book in a row I couldn’t even remember my own name anymore

So instead of posting half-arsed blog posts about books I only half focused on I decided to take a break and try and explore the world of other genres. Some I liked (Scandi-Literature I’m looking at you!) and others I didn’t (not feeling the love for sci-fi…I just can’t). I even dabbled in a bit of non-fiction, which I had almost entirely avoided after I finished uni.

The results are perhaps unsurprising: I feel rejuvenated. I am inspired to write again, because I have things I want to talk about. It’s exciting and I’m bursting with ideas for where to take my little blog next.

So over the next few months I’m going to experiment with new kinds of posts and reviews of all the different types of books I read. I hope you’ll all enjoy it. The Female Scriblerian is back, and she’s ready for business!