Reading Apathy: A Case of “Have Books, Won’t Read”


Today is the first of May. Which means that it’s almost 5 months since I last posted anything here at The Female Scriblerian. FIVE MONTHS! First of all, I can hardly believe that so much of 2014 has already sped by. Secondly, and most scary, I haven’t actually finished a whole book in all that time. I start reading them and then fade out, only to put them to one side and fail to pick them up again. I’m not sure what’s happening!

I have always gone through short phases where I didn’t feel like reading but, at most, they have only lasted a few weeks, maybe a month. So when I woke up this morning and realised it was the 1st of May I was genuinely surprised to realise how long my reading apathy has gone on. Mainly because I love to read, or I used to anyway!

The thing is, I have a growing pile of books on my dresser that I am totally inspired to read. I come out of the bookshop enthused but then somehow every day I realise that another evening has gone by and I haven’t picked up any of these supposedly tempting tomes. I have even cross-stitched a bookmark in the time it’s taken me not to finish a book. That has to be some kind of reading procrastination! Has anyone else ever gone through this? Are your books slowly turning into decorations rather than well-used items?

I’m really writing this as a way to get back into the blogging groove. Now that I’ve posted something I hope I’ll find it easier to keep posting, and maybe it will inspire me to actually finish one of the many books I have waiting! Fingers crossed anyway!

  • I completely know what you mean!! Work’s been absolutely manic and what with moving house and the engagement and my entire life flying around, I’ve hardly posted at all! I have been reading (masses actually), but I’ve found myself falling asleep at 8/9 every night, absolutely worn out!! 🙁

    So I get what you mean. But, don’t give up; try something completely different – even non-fiction – and you’ll be surprised what kickstarts you! 😛

    • Yaay! I’m not alone. I’m in the same boat really, work is hectic and that combined with my real and true love of sleep means that by the time I’ve got in I just want to go to bed. Maybe this is what being a real adult is about! I don’t think I could add a house move and an engagement to the pile, so kudos to you!

      I’m actually trying non-fiction on for size! I don’t feel guilty reading one chapter a night that way! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

      • Yeah, real life sucks that way! I’m just relieved that I have two hours of commuting everyday – that’s when I get my reading done! Or if you drive/walk into work, invest in some audiobooks. 🙂

        And we were both ill for about a fortnight after we moved; life was insane. But stuff settles and once you have, you’ll get there, never fear! Until then, keep at your non-fiction, and if you want any recs I’m always around! (Harlequin POP! books are short and beyond awesome – give those a try!)

        • Good ideas! I’ll definitely track you down for some good recs once I’ve waded through my current book. I’m pretty rubbish at reading more than one book at once at the best of times!

          Glad to hear things are settling down again! Hope the wedding prep isn’t getting too crazy yet!

  • Well done. I thought you must have given up writing your blogs. Looking forward to the next one.