Friday’s Favourite: SNOW!

Friday's Favourite: Snow

Usually Snow would not feature in my Friday’s favourite list at all, unless it was my list of favourite pet peeves, or favourite things to complain about. If that was the case then it would be up there with moths, people who walk slow, and people who write in books (you know who you are!)

But today I woke up to this!

Friday's Favourite Snow

Forgive the rubbish, phone photo, but there was something about the snow this morning that made waking up in the dark a bit better. Snow on rooftops is the best kind of snow, don’t you think? It even makes uniform, Victorian, terraces look idyllic! Perhaps it’s because I had a really nice day today (my brother wasn’t at school and so we had fun mooching around) but the snow seemed to really add something, rather than putting a damper on the mood. Plus, a busker was playing “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and I thought this summed up British humour so well that it confirmed in my mind that snow needed to be my Friday’s Favourite this week. Tomorrow I’m sure my usual lack of enthusiasm for snow will return, but for today I officially love snow!

Friday's Favourite me in snow.jpg